About Us

We want to welcome you to our webpage. We hope you find it helpful in gaining an understanding on what The Point is all about. We are just people like you trying to connect to God.

We are a new church in the community that wants to work with and to help people find a relationship with God.

People find church a scary place sometimes, thinking they are not good enough to go to church, I don’t understand the procedures and language they use in church. At The Point, that isn’t a problem, it doesn’t matter how good or bad you are, God accepts you right where you are now and so do we. We are all seeking God and are not perfect people, we make mistakes, do dumb things, that is the great part about God, He forgives us when we ask Him.

So if you have never been to church before or have been hurt by a church or church people, give The Point a try. From the time you walk in the door, till the time you leave, you will find love, acceptance, and people who want to get to know you.

Rick Shaffer, Lead Pastor